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Resources on the Game of Pool/Billiards

Pocket Billiards General Rules by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA)
Just like any game or sport, pocket billiards also has general rules that every player should follow. First, the table, balls, and other equipment should meet the standards set by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA). Second, all the balls should be lined up behind the apex ball (ball number 1) using a triangular rack. Third, the cue ball should be stricken according to the rules of the game. Once you fail to pocket a ball, it's time for your opponent to play. To learn more of the 42 rules of pocket billiards, check this guide by the BCA.

Animated Guide on How to Play Pool Like a Pro
Want to learn how to play pool like a pro? Here’s an animated guide from the Here, you will learn the basics of billiards, the different bridge techniques, how to position yourself properly, how to aim for a shot, and how to pocket a ball. There is also an illustration for different styles in hitting the cue ball and tips depending on the position. This includes side spinning, the right and left English, and others. The rules for the 8-ball and 9-ball pools are explained well, along with the list of common fouls that you should avoid.

Pool and Carom News
Pool news and information about pool instruction and lessons, including: 8-Ball mania, the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships, the Memphis Classic, 8-Ball Championships, 3 Cushion billiard, the Billiard Congress of America and more. Includes a directory of pool tournaments, places to play pool, links and more. Products section includes trick shot learning cards, pool T-shirts, a kicking secret poster and more. is owned and being managed by Tim The Dragon Chin, a world-ranked artistic pool player and entertainer for more than a decade and is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. In this site, you can explore over 100 trick shot tutorials through detailed instructions diagrams, and videos. This includes the trick shots made popular by billiard icons such as Gabi Mr. Perfect Visoiu, Steve Mizerak, Sebastian Giumelli, Abram Too Tall Diaz, and Stefano Pelinga. You can also learn the shots in all 8 disciplines: trick/fancy, prop/novelty, draw, follow, bank/kick, stroke, jump, and masse.

Pool and Billiards Tutorial Videos and Articles
Learning how to play billiards may look easy, but not really. You have to learn the fundamentals, the terms used, the correct grip, how to aim for a shot, the right control of the cue ball, and the right positions. In this article, you will know all of them not only through the helpful articles but also from the tons of instructional videos. Most of the video here came from the Billiard University (BU) Instructional DVD series, and Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (VEPS). Here, you will also learn the different billiard techniques, such as side spinning, kick and bank shots, jump shot, break shot, and masse shot.

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