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Spiral Stair Plans
This site has some instructions and pictures which show how to build a spiral staircase. You can purchase the full plans from the site's owner James Self and ask him questions. Self lists the tools and materials needed. There are pictures of the spiral staircases Self has built from the construction process onwards. People who built staircases based on his plans have pictures on the site. There are testimonials about these people's building experiences. The site also has computer generated models of spiral staircases.

NKPA - National Kitchen + Bath Association
The National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKPA) site reaches out to non-member consumers with a directory to local NKBA professionals that can be searched. It also offers an Inspiration Gallery that is very extensive and quite inspiring and sure to generate ideas for your own needs. There is a learning center with resources for homeowners as well as professionals. Iin the consumer section, you can sign up for an NKBA consumer newsletter offering the latest kitchen and bath trends and tips for your remodel project. You can also Ask a Professional questions about kitchen and bath projects. Finally, the section offers a Kitchen & Bath Planners feature where you can get feedback from professional planners to help you define your project, finalize a budget, and select and NKBA professional to work with you.

Discussion Forum Focuses on Auto Body Repair Painting Topics
This helpful discussion forum provides good information to consumers who want to find information about painting in auto body repair. Learn from the experiences of other members by checking out previous discussion threads or ask your own question about the best way to approach an auto painting project or a similar subject. For high quality auto body repair with a lifetime guarantee, use Westwood Auto Body, near UCLA in Westwood.

Installing an Backyard Fire Pit
If you like the look of a stone fire pit but aren't sure about how to install one, check out this informative site. You will find a list of materials and tools, along with step-by-step instructions for choosing the right location and digging the footer for your fire pit. Instructions for laying the stone and filling the wall are provided. Find out how to place the cap stones and suggestions for including a seating area in your design as well.

National Wood Flooring Association
The National Wood Flooring Association website has sections of information for consumers, including a searchable database of flooring professionals, an interactive design studio, and a design elements section offer visitors the chance to learn more about their wood flooring needs. There's also a species gallery to check out the various wood species available in terms of appearance, hardness and price. Types of flooring include plank, strip and parquet flooring. There's also a maintenance section that includes tips for removing stains and burns from wax and surface finished floors, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions section regarding repair, maintenance, environmental benefits, and the application of hardwood floors in your own.

Home Improvement, Renovations and Cleaning Tips on brings you its huge collection of home improvement, renovation and cleaning tips. Among them are how to clean your gas range, casserole dishes, copper cookware, windows, shower head, shower curtain liners, tarnished silverware, and your entire house inside and out. If you have pet or someone in the family has allergies, there are also some reminders for you. Here, you will learn how to prepare your home for different seasons such as spring and summer. There are also buying guides for fences, garage doors, air conditioner, and other home items.

Installing Laminate Flooring
This how-to article on DIY Network shows and tells you how to remove carpeting and install laminate flooring. It provides the tools and materials you'll need. It's truly a step-by-step guide, offering 21 steps, from pulling up the carpet and removing the baseboard, to leveling and cleaning and acclimating the flooring, to laying the first piece and making the first cut, to installing baseboards and shoe molding. Photos and explanations are provided for each step. The whole project took less than eight hours to complete and cost only about $200.

How to Get a Roofing Company License
Are you wondering what a roofing company owner has to do to get licensed? This list from sets out the steps involved in obtaining this designation. From taking construction courses to putting liability insurance in place and taking the licensing exam, the procedure is clearly set out. In some jurisdictions, a roofing company is also required to post a bond before it can be fully licensed.

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