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Resources for a Safer Home Environment

Home Safety Resources (07)

Safety and Crime Prevention Tips from the Metropolitan Police Department
This page at contains a comprehensive list of tips on how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime, some important precautions to ensure your physical safety, prevent domestic violence, and how to protect yourself as a consumer. This include safety measures when using ATM, how to avoid being a fraud victim, as well as campus and road safety. There is also a separate article for nightlife establishment owners and managers on how they can protect their businesses from illegal drug sales and use, sex offenders and prostitution, and others. You can also download or print some brochures (in PDF form) that contain various security tips.

Discuss Safety Gates with UK Residents
This UK discussion board includes visitor comments about the reasons for installing a safety gate and which local locksmiths are best.

Home Safety and Security for Seniors
There are several home safety concerns that are unique to seniors with low vision. This section on addresses many of those safety and security concerns. Read about the special problems seniors face with hypothermia in the home. There's even an article filled with tips for how to clean your home safely. There's a very informative and helpful article filled with suggestions and tips for preventing falls in senior citizens, which is one of the leading causes of home accidents for seniors. There are also a number of tips for preventing another common home danger: carbon monoxide poisoning. Learn how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from common pesticides found in the home, and to keep yourself and your family safe from the poisons in many common household cleaning products that you use every day. Finally there is an article on the dangers to seniors of an over-heated house. If you're a senior, or if you have a senior living in your home, or if you care for a senior citizen, then the articles on this site are a must-read.

A Home Safety Checklist
Every year almost three quarters of a million seniors are treated for falls in the home. A fall for a senior can lead to tragic results. It is estimated that at least half of all falls in the home could be prevented by following the tips in this checklist. The checklist includes almost a dozen specific tips on how to make stairs safer for seniors, more than half a dozen suggestions for making your bathroom more fall-proof, almost half a dozen tips for making the bedroom safer, more than half a dozen safety suggestions for the living room, and half a dozen safety tips for the kitchen. For a senior a fall can mean the permanent loss of mobility, which results in a loss of self-esteem and self image. Don't let a senior's life be ruined needlessly. The tips and suggestions in this checklist could, literally, save a life.

The Home Safety Network
This is a British site and so many of the specific programs are aimed at a British audience. There are a large number of articles on this site, however, which apply universally to home safety and the protection of your loved ones. There are articles on General Safety in the home, falls, burns and scalds, carbon monoxide poisoning, dangerous chemicals in the home and how to treat chemical accidents, choking and how to save a person who has something caught in their windpipe, clothing fire, how to put it out and how to treat it, do-it-yourself accidents in the home, drowning and what you can do to save someone's life, problems and dangers associated with electrical blankets, how do deal with accidents caused by fireworks, how to prevent and treat bicycle accidents and more. There are also links to additional home security and safety sites.

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