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Home Safety Resources (09)

10 Fire Safety Tips from the Township of Edison, New Jersey
Fire is a very devastating tragedy that can happen to your home. To reduce the risk of house fire, the fire disiion of the Township of Edison, NJ offers these 10 fire safety tips. According to the township's website, you should install smoke alarms on every level of your home, test them every month, and replace the batteries every year. You also need to plan your escape route in advance so you can get out fast, and all family members should know what to do in case of fire.. These are the most important tips; others include keeping an eye on smokers, kitchen safety, space heawters, use of electric appliances, how to cool burns, crawling under smoke, and what to do if your clothes catch fire. The website also has a page on smoke detector guidelines, carbon monoxide alarms, and what causes fire.

Top Causes of Unintentional Injury and Death in Homes and Communities
According to the National Safety Council on its site at, there are approximately 245 deaths due to unintentional injuries in homes and communities every day. This page has articles to reduce the risk of drowning, fire accidents, vehicle crashes, unintentional overdoses, poisoning, choking, and falls. The agency also has some strong recommendations about changing your lifestyle and safety practices you can do at home and while you are the road. Two of the highlighted tips are 1) avoid using cellphones while driving, and 2) attend trainings about CPR, first aid. There is a separate article on how to prepare in case an emergency occurs.

Safety Articles from State Farm Insurance
State Farm is one of this country's leading insurers. has a wealth of information and tips for promoting on home safety and security. These articles cover such topics as carbon monoxide alarms, smoke alarms, and security bars on windows. The article on window security bars is especially interesting and thought provoking, as it covers both the benefits and the real dangers to your family in times of fire that security bars can pose. State Farm Safety tips include specifics on buying and replacing a roof, finishing a basement,consumer product safety, seasonal home maintenance, weather protection, lightning protection, preventing frozen pipes, woodburner accidents, and much more. You'll find information for protecting your home from wildfires, floods, wind and other natural disasters. Many articles are concerned with child safety, appliances and other electrical hazards.When one of the biggest insurance companies in the world talks about home security, it pays to listen.

10 Electric Safety Rules for Kids
This early, kids should be aware of the danger of electricity. Whether you are a parent or not, you can share this 10 electric safety rules to any child. The rules are explained in a very simple manner so that every kid can understand them. The first rule is not to put many plugs in any single electrical outlet; this may cause overload that can lead to fire. The second tip is to make sure that all electric cords are properly arranged so they will serve as obstruction. The third one is not to climb the fence around an electrical substation if your toy or pet happens to get inside. The remaining seven tips are mostly about the safety of kids playing outside the house.

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