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Home Lighting and Lighting Fixtures Designer Tips from Uttermost
Uttermost is a family owned company that designs home furniture including lamps and fixture. In this Q&A article, you can read some home lighting tips from their designers. Here, the four different types of lightings were discussed. They are ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting. You will also have an idea on how to have proper light design in some parts of the house, including the living room, kitchen, bathroom, home office and hallway. There are suggestions on the mistakes to be avoided, and what to do if the room is small.

Landscape Lighting Tips
Designing a lighting scheme is not limited to the inside of a home. One also has to take into consideration lighting the exterior spaces of the home. This article from Better Homes and Gardens provides tips on how one can plan and execute an outdoor landscape lighting scheme. In the article, one can read about the basics of lighting the outdoors, explaining the difference between the types of lighting and their functions. The article also touches on outdoor lighting issues and lists spots that must be illuminated such as paths, entries, steps, patios, gazebos, architectural features, and the driveway.

Learn Everything About Lighting
A wealth of articles by Pegasus Lighting on the broad topics of lighting design, lighting tips, projects and lighting info, as well as buying guides and a glossary. Learn about lighting for living spaces, demystifying track lighting, ceiling fan installation and selection, seasonal affective disorder, touch the light, outdoor deck and patio lighting, bedroom lighting, kitchen lighting, landscape lighting, ceiling fans, residential lighting design, green lights and design, clubhouse lighting and design, lamp technology, hospitality lighting design, under cabinetry and cove lighting, track lighting cable and rail, light nouveau, lighting dimmers and controls, lighting office spaces, recessed lighting, and lighting design.

All About Landscape Lighting
This web page on This Old House features an article, a slideshow and several illustrations to show you how to create beautiful landscape lighting design for the exterior of the home. Topics covered include garden lighting, flood lighting, tree lighting, pools and ponds, and lighting for deck and patio. Different types of lamps and fixtures are discussed, along with safety, security, and specific exterior lighting design topics like step lighting, spot lighting, path lighting, shadowing, underwater lighting, and up-lighting. A very thorough article for people interested in do it yourself lighting design for the exterior.

Why Hire a Lighting Designer
Serious home decorators may want to look into hiring a light designer. This article on Decorating Studio gives information about what light designers do, why they are important to lighting décor, and how to hire a light designer. Lighting designers are suggested in order to evaluate your lighting budget, address maintenance issues, monitor lighting equipment installation and to utilize energy efficient lighting.

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