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Resources for Better Nutrition (02)

Center for Nutrition Advocacy
The Center for Nutrition Advocacy is founded by the Board of Certification of Nutrition Specialists, which is composed of members from different health industries. The board members certify nutrition professionals to ensure their competence in the field of nutrition. The main focus of the CNA is the protection of nutrition provider rights and the protection of diabetes counseling rights. The website also features state laws with regard to individualized nutrition counseling. The website also has a separate section dedicated to legislation and regulation regarding nutrition practice. It aims to bring to light advocacy issues that can directly or indirectly affect the work of nutrition professional.

Holistic Nutrition: A Nutritionist's Guide to Holistic Health
Eating well and eating right is the core of nutrition. Holistic nutrition is a modern yet natural approach to food and eating. This approach involves choosing healthy foods while taking into consideration the different facets of the life of every individual, such as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Nutritionists and other food specialists would find a wealth of information about holistic nutrition on this website, including the focus of holistic nutrition and its basics. Aside from these, the website also features suggested menus and recipes, reviews of the latest studies on nutrition and even has a section dedicated to reviewing schools that offer holistic nutrition and integrative nutrition programs.

Books on Good Nutrition
If you are looking for books on nutrition, fitness and health, check this list of reference books in the store on Eat Right. Many are by by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Many of the publications included here are authored by doctors, physicians, and other medical professionals. The categories are child and teen nutrition, diabetes, food sensitivities, nutrition and lifestyle, pregnancy and breastfeeding, sports nutrition, and special needs. Available are consumer titles, eBooks, Pocket Guides, Study Guides and clinical Reference books. Some of the sources of these publications are the US government, and non-profit organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and Food Allergy Network.

Food, Nutrition & Health from UNL
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Lancaster Country Extenstion has a Food, Nutrition & Health website billed as timely & easy-to-understand research-based food information for use in your daily life. The extension provides a lot of information on nutrition and healthy food, meat products, weight management, healthy eating basic at various life stages, food safety and food allergies, as well as practical information on home food preservation (canning, freezing and drying) and a Recipe Central for nutritious recipes and how-to cooking tips. The site offers PowerPoint slide presentations, fact sheets and other educational materials. It also provides current food news and local events held by UNL (e.g., Control Diabetes for Life, as well as newsletters, blogs, podcasts, apps and social media.

Nutrition Facts and Calorie Counter: A Healthy Combo
Here’s a neat place online where you can analyze any food, compare foods and find out the nutritional content in food. You can also estimate your daily nutritional needs, track your daily food consumption, improve your recipes and even generate custom nutritional fact labels. There is also a free newsletter, and a side bar with the nutritional information from various national chain restaurants, such as Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Burger King.

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