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Everything You Should Know About Organic Fertilizers on presents you this comprehensive guide on using organic fertilizers. This includes their benefits, basic application, and types according to the source of their raw material. Among the plant-based type of organic fertilizers are alfalfa meal, corn gluten, cottonseed meal, seaweed, and soybean meal. For the animal-based organic fertilizers, they are blood meal, bonemeal, fish products, and animal manures. On the other hand, some of the mineral-based fertilizers are greensand, rock phosphate, and Chilean nitrate. There is also a detailed explanation about compost, which is considered as the Cadillac of organic fertilizers.

Gardener's Path
This site arranges their gardening tips by month and usually features 10 tips per month. In the Over the fence section, many gardening articles are featured. You'll find book reviews, garden guides, garden notes, and articles on organic gardening. This site is just getting started, but it already has a lot of useful information. The Tool Shed includes garden planners, and links to various garden resources. The Plant Guide is planned to be a large, growing resource of any type of plant you could think of, click on a name of a plant and you'll learn about the plant and its vital statistics that will help you grow it perfectly.

Organic Gardening from
Organic gardening is the practice of growing fruits and vegetables, using only things found in nature. Absolutely no man-made chemicals are used. Although we usually do not think of it, Organic Gardening concepts also apply to the world of flowers, trees, shrubs, and even your lawn. It is gardening without harmful and artificial chemicals, or other products not naturally found in nature. Commonly today, chemicals and non-natural products are used for fertilizing, and for control of insects, disease, and weeds. Information about natural insecticides, composting for mulch and fertilizer, using manures, and more. A section on organic gardening news is noted. Includes a section on bulbs, flowers, fruit, herbs houseplants, lilacs and more.

Understanding Organic Fertilizers on Rodale's Organic Life
If you want to have a deeper understanding about organic fertilizers, this article Rodale's Organic Life can surely help you. Here, you will learn the difference between chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers, including the manufacturing process and why the latter is better to use. There are tips on how you can be sure that you are really buying legitimate organic fertilizing products. The second page explains the two different types of organic fertilizers (dry and liquid), their composition, and how to apply them correctly. The last part contains some details about growth enhancers and their application.

Gardening Resources Site
This handy site has many links to other gardening sites, including organic gardening. Other topics covered include bonsai, flowers, garden forums, garden parties, houseplants, images, kids gardening, landscaping, pests & insects, planning and design, resources, shopping, vegetables & herbs. Sites featured on the front page include Garden Basics, All Decked Out and Bringing Up Baby.

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