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Life Organizers
If you're having a hard time getting started when it comes to organizing your home, your office and your life, then this site may be perfect for you. Life Organizers is filled with articles on everything from your office, to your finances and everything in between, but what makes this site so nice is that they don't expect you to read and absorb and put everything into practice at once. Life Organizers recommends that you start slow, and take it easy. Just read one article a day and see if you can put the ideas in that one article into practice in your life. It took a long time to get your home, your office and your life as messed up as they are, so why expect to clean them all up in a day?

Browse Through Best of the Web for Personal Organization Links
Best of the Web offers a lengthy list of links for Internet users who want to get organized and stay on track. The list offers something for everyone, including companies that do in-home or office assessments as part of their services, to those who will help you to stage your home for sale. A number of approaches to dealing with issues around getting organized and streamlining procedures are represented, including adopting Zen principles or feng shui to help.

Get Organized For Family Vacations
This article on Organized Home/i> provides several good ideas for planning a trip for the family. For example, use plastic zipper bags to make individual toiletry kits for everyone, as well as separate kits for first aid, sewing, stain removal, and security. A cosmetic bag and a breath mint tin also work well as packing kits. The articles discusses making check lists prior to packing, and to check off items as they get packed--this way you won't leave anything important behind. There are many other great tips such as removing all unneeded items from your wallet, inspect your walking shoes and shoelaces, create a special portfolio just for travel documents (and keep this inside a plastic folder), and keep and emergency contact card and give a copy to a spouse or partner.

Get It 2gether
The goal of this site is to bring balance and freedom to your life through organization. Knowing where to find something when you need it is a wonderfully freeing experience, as is finding balance in the time we are allotted each day for our many tasks. Site includes tips for getting individually organized, tips and ideas, articles, newsletters, pictures and individual organization resource links. Topics covered include holiday organization, planning a vacation, making tax time easier and staying clutter free. Tips for organizing closets, offices, desks, garages and kitchens are offered in easy numbered lists.

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