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How to Make Your Own Braided Rug
Braided rugs are wonderful home decorations. But instead of buying one, you can make one by yourself through the help of this easy-to-follow braided rug DIY tutorial. First, get old colored T-shirts from your cabinet. According to this article at, a stack of 10 to 12 shirts can make a 36-inch round rainbow braided rug. Then, follow the cloth-cutting steps in this article to create strips for your rug. Next, set your sewing machine based on the instructions here. If you are worried that you might get lost, this guide has photos that can help you.

Rug Stenciling Ideas from Royal Design Studio
Rug stenciling is a fun and economical way of decorating your floor. If you want to learn more, check these articles by the staff of Royal Design Studio, a California-based designer and manufacturer of rug stencils. Besides the wonderful photos of stenciled rugs, you can also learn how to do it yourself. One particular article talks about repairing a damaged linoleum floor through rug stenciling. Another article features a temporary stenciled exterior floor covering, while another one shows stenciled rug on a backyard and garden. The other articles have inspiring stenciling stories of known interior designers and home improvement expert Bob Villa.

Rug Forum on LiveJournal
If you're looking to converse with other rug hookers, this site is very helpful. You can share your designs and ask questions. There are homemade secrets here, as well as patterns and more tips. Also, many people post pictures as they progress through the rug-making process, so itís easy to see the entire process here from other rug makers across the globe.

Rug Care and Cleaning Guide from Jacobsen's Rugs
Jacobsen's, a rug business in Syracuse, brings to you this comprehensive guide of rug care and cleaning. In this page, you will learn the common causes of damages of Oriental rugs. This includes damages due to moth and carpet beetle bites, dog chews, cat scratches, chemicals, and sun. In addition to early warning signs of such damages, there are also tips on how to prevent them. You will also learn the proper way of cleaning rugs using a vacuum cleaner, how to move a rug, how to lay them down flat on the floor, and when to use rug pads.

Inside a Rug-Maker's Studio
This is a homepage for Tiques to show off her talents. She has taken a keen interest in rug hooking using hand dyed wool. She creates original patterns and only the best of materials. You can see some of her designs, and also peruse links of other interest to rug hookers. In addition, enjoy photographs of her studio and more. From simple designs and landscapes, this website provides rug making ideas and patterns.

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