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Out Think Your Opponents on the Golf Course
Playing golf is not just physically arduous. It is also mentally exhausting and emotionally draining. But while golf is said to be 90% mental, people still equate golf prowess with the physical skills the players display. But even if you do not have a powerful arm or are not a big hitter, you can still be a power player by using your mental skills. This article shares tips on how to win by outthinking your opponents on the golf course. These tips include playing in the present, knowing yourself, using your emotions to energize you, and having a wise plan or your game. is the official website of the Muscle & Fitness magazine, with no less than Arnold Schwarzenegger as the executive editor. The site is a great source of workout routines, diet plans and healthy recipes, fitness inspiration and motivation, nutrition tips, and expert advice on gaining strength, losing fat and building a healthy body and the physique you always dream of. Besides the tons of articles, there are also a lot of tutorial videos of physical exercises. It also features the latest news on weightlifting, MMA, and other similar sports, as well as interviews to athletes and celebrities who are engaged in physical sports. There are also features on female athletes and women who love to go to the gym.

A Meal Plan for Endurance Athletes
The Athletic Performance Diet hasn't changed much, because there are not many other avenues to fueling the body most efficiently. A diet consisting of 60-65% carbohydrate, 20-25% fats, and 15-20% protein is the proper ratio of macro nutrients for most athletes and has been for years. A well-trained endurance athlete would not last very long on a high protein diet, because their glycogen stores would quickly become depleted and they would no longer have the energy or reserves to train effectively. There is little controversy in athletic nutrition when compared to the general population. The "big picture," according to the article, is to try to make sure each meal has carbohydrates, fats, and protein in the right proportions. Make sure your diet is balanced and consistent, which will help with athletic performance.

How a Chiropractor Can Help with Your Neck Pain
Check out this article posted on the web site find out about the benefits of chiropractic spinal manipulation for patients living with chronic neck pain. Look to this online resource for an overview of information which provides the results of a number of several published trials. This article points out that neck pain is the most common health complaint which prompts patients to see a chiropractor, with almost 20 percent of them indicating that it is the main issue.

Articles on Premier Sport Psychology
Premier Sport Psychology is an organization composed of sports psychologists who provide counseling services and mindset training to athletes, performers, and even business professionals. The aim of the organization is to help their clients achieve optimal health and mental performance so they could succeed in their sort and other life undertakings. This section of the Premier Sport Psychology website contains links to sport psychology articles with topics like the psychological influence of long-distance pacers to marathon runners, positive self-talk, the importance of psychological profiling in the drafting of NFL players, improving mental toughness, athletic identity, and more.


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