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Resistance Band Speed Exercises from Stack
If you are an athlete, it is highly recommended that you do some resistance band speed exercises. This is because they help condition your body so you can increase your acceleration, anaerobic endurance, and power for your lower body. Four of them are the 10-yard acceleration sprint, resisted lateral shuffle, resisted broad jumps, and resisted endurance sprint. All of these drills are explained further here in the article by Stack, a multimedia company that provide information, tools, products and services to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This includes the step-by-step procedure, the number of sets and repetitions.

What Happens When You Visit a Chiropractor?
This article is posted on the special page at, the official website of University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality & Healing. It is only a part of the site's series of page dedicated to provide useful information about chiropractic care. In this post, readers will know what really happens when someone visits a chiropractor. While it can be somehow similar to visiting other healthcare providers, seeing a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) has some unique elements, which were explained here in details. Also included here is how chiropractors develop a treatment plan, and so-called ‘adjustments," the heart of the chiropractic treatment.

How to Maintain Energy While Endurance Cycling
This article on can help any athlete maintain energy while in sports activity, specifically, it concerns endurance cycling, where even the days leading up to your ride are important. Proper hydration and nutrition is vital to keep energy at optimum levels, it says. To improve your energy level, this article recommends drinking plenty of water and eating nutritious, low-carbohydrate high-energy foods before and after the ride. Pedaling in circles, as well as shifting into gears that let you keep your legs moving, and avoid running out of breath are a few suggestions. On ride day, start early in the morning and drink at least 16 ounces of water or sports drink every 20 miles or every hour while riding. It's also recommended to have something to eat every 25 miles, such as a banana, energy bar or pastry. And don't stop for more than five minutes.

Triathlon Race Day Nutrition
If race day is looming, read on to learn more about what to eat. The morning of the race try to consume a breakfast containing approximately 800 calories about 2 hours before the race. The meal should be primarily low glycemic index carbohydrates with some protein and fat added to prevent blood sugar fluctuations. Energy bars and powdered pre-workout drinks can be substituted for whole foods if you have a nervous stomach, which can be common. An added benefit of pre-workout and recovery drinks such as Preformance and Endurox R4 is that they contain protein, which is needed in addition to carbohydrates to help fuel your muscles during longer events such as a triathlon. Some athletes report energy problems if relying solely on carbohydrates during long races.

Learn About the Thompson Chiropractor Technique
This page focuses on providing information about the Thompson Technique. This method of chiropractic treatment involves performing adjustments on the leg joints to treat spinal and pelvic misalignments. Get details about how the technique is performed, as well as alternative treatment techniques which can be performed by chiropractors. Patients who are interested in this treatment option can use the chiropractor locator to find a practitioner, check out the video links, photo gallery and Q&A section. Site visitors can also sign up for a monthly newsletter which provides information written from the perspective of a chiropractor and a patient.

Get Stronger and Leaner with Cross Training
This article on explains the benefits of cross training for deriving better results and fewer injuries. At one time professional athletic trainers believed that you should almost exlusively work on the muscles directly related to a specific sport or activity. The conventional wisdom today is that cross training is a much better approach, and that working on just one fitness activity may make you less fit. Exercising just one set of muscles also increases your risk of repetitive injury because you put so much stress on the muscles and bones invovled in one activity. So all sports professional, from golfers and swimmers, to ball players and tennis players, make cross training part of their routine. Cross training is also important for weekend warriors, says the article.

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